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The Top 5 Strategies for GREAT Mental Health

Start prioritizing YOUR mental health today! 

This guide will teach you simple and proven strategies to getting your mental health back on track.  

By focusing on improving your diet, adding specific supplements, exercising, getting enough sleep, and journaling, you will notice a significant improvement in your mood, energy level, and daily interaction with the people you care about. 

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 The Top 10 Self Care Strategies

This useful guide will inspire you to take better care of yourself so you can be more present and available to those you love, enjoy your job more, and feel more positive about your life. 

The strategies are easy to follow and implement in your daily life.


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10 Ways To Avoid Marrying The Wrong Person

The article that reached a million views has been converted into a beautiful PDF Guide that can be easily referenced when searching for your lifelong partner. 

This FREE Guide will teach you timeless wisdom to consider when getting ready to get married. 

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Anti-Anxiety Foods

This beautiful FREE PDF Download will provide you with simple, delicious food ideas that can help you feel calm and in control of your anxiety. 

There is a direct connection between food and mood and the foods we eat can help us feel better fast! 

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Smoothie For Breakfast!  

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so what you eat can determine the food choices you make the rest of the day, but it can also impact your mood and energy levels.

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Get Started With Meditation! 


In this 21 Day Meditation Challenge, you'll get a different meditation video, over a period of 21 days, and experience the various ways to calm your mind and reduce your stress.  Get started today!  

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The 25 Internet FREE Activities For Teens Guide

Take the guesswork out of finding creative ways to spend the day away from the computer and Internet.  This guide is filled with 25 creative ideas to challenge your teen and encourage them to explore diverse interests aside from mindless scrolling on social media.  

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How Anxious Are YOU? 

Take the quiz and find out your level of anxiety!  

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Online  Courses

Transforming Anxiety Course

The most comprehensive self paced, online course for understanding, managing, and transforming anxiety

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The Beginners Guide To Managing Anxiety

Online and self paced course for those wanting the basic steps towards management and control of their anxiety. 

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Transforming Fear

Transform YOUR fears at the root through this mini online training that teaches you scientific based tools to regain control of your life from fear.

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Healthy Marriage Course For Muslims

3 Step course to help young single Muslims go from just thinking about marriage to creating a healthy foundation during the first year of marriage.  

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Books By Dr. Sekandari

Steps Towards Gratitude:  A Journal

An inspirational journal to guide you in your journey to better mental health.  

Include inspiring quotes to keep you motivated as well as a section for short and long term goals.  

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Digital Book Bundle: Scrupulosity and OCD

In this book you will gain a deeper understanding of how OCD impacts your religious practice.  

You will also learn strategies to get control of the symptoms of Scrupulosity which includes therapy, medication, supplements, and dietary changes. 

Additional free resources accompany this book which you'll find in the member portal. 

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Afghan Cuisine CookBook

This totally revised latest edition of Afghan Cuisine is a wonderful introduction to cooking Afghan food. The recipes are presented in a very easy-to-follow format where even the most inexperienced cook can make healthy and delicious Afghan food. With Afghan Cuisine anyone can make the authentic and delicious dishes they've tasted and experienced in Afghan restaurants. Afghan Cuisine cookbook was the 2011 bronze medal recipient of the national Living Now book awards.  

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Love Is Hidden In Small Places

Heart shapes found in every day objects bring to mind thoughts of love, romance, and happiness.  This book combines photos of beautiful, naturally occurring heart shapes with inspiring and endearing quotes.  Prepare to escape into the sweet world that is hidden all around us if we only stop to take notice.

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